The new

Welcome to the new, freshly redesigned After two years, it eventually was time to make a change! Here it is!

We really did love our old website, we loved the before/after slider, but unfortunately the website wasn’t neither performant nor responsive at all. All of our mobile user didn’t really have fun watching our tutorials. So here’s something, that should work for everyone! We hope you guys like it.
Founder, FX-Ray

But changing the layout wasn’t enough. We also added a blog, which we love to call JOURNAL. Here, we are going to post about interesting Photoshop and FX-Ray related things, that doesn’t fit in the category Photoshop tutorials or downloads. We want you guys to keep track of what’s happening behind the curtain of FX-Ray.

We also added a lovely  like button, which is totally independent from social media. We realized, that a lot of our viewers don’t have or use Facebook, Twitter & Co. Feel free to try it out! Simply leave the cursor for a second on the heart button and… there you go! We really do appreciate every single like – be it our own, Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s a list of things we changed and features we added:

  • No annoying Facebook popup anymore!
  • More pictures, alternative images, details…. simply drag the main picture on one of the tutorial pages.
  • More descriptions and text for our tutorials and downloads.
  • The website is responsive and should work on all devices.
  • A little page to tell you more about FX-Ray: About FX-Ray.
  • Now you can comment on comments, which means, that we can reply to comments more easily.
  • We added a difficulty bar to our tutorials, to give you an idea, how hard it’s going to be!

What else can we say?

Since this website is new, there still might be some bugs. If you find something not working properly, please leave us a message. If you feel, like something is missing, or if you want to give us you opinion on our new design, please leave a comment. Thank you all, for being a part of the FX-Ray community.

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